De cascades en cascades, 2015
Watercolour, rolls, rods and boards 

3x4 peintures sur un plateau, 2015
Oil, lacquered chipboard, concrete

Views of the exhibition A Production of Chance with a Little Degree of Design
with Michael Rampa and Florian Javet, Espace Kugler, Genève

© Léa Kloos

"An artificial blot is a production of chance, with a small degree of design; for in making it, the attention of the performer must be employed on the whole, or the general form of the composition, and upon this only; whilst the subordinate parts are left to the casual motions of the hand and the brush."
Extract from "Nouvelle méthode pour assister l'invention dans le dessin de compositions originales de paysages" Alexander Cozens (1717-1778).

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